Buffalo Trace Distillery is a distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky, that is owned by the Sazerac Company. It has historically been known by several names, including the George T. Stagg Distillery and the Old Fire Copper Distillery.

The Buffalo Trace Distillery is recognized as the oldest continually operating distillery in America. Distilling started on the site circa 1773, however the first mainstream distillery was opened in 1812 by Harrison Blanton, whose name still bears a brand of bourbon today.

Dawn and I have been to Buffalo Trace twice now, once with our good friends and good Bourbon Buddies Dave & Nina during our Bourbon Trail trip and a second time after we had to evacuate because of a snow storm that was about to hit the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina where we were visiting with our other good friends Joe & Krissie. You know it is going to be bad when the Weather Channel reporting team is broadcasting outside your hotel door! The Biltmore Estate is a magically wonderful place, but that Field Trip will be saved for another post, maybe.

The images you will see below are from both of our trips, most were taken by me or Dawn but some were taken by Dave & Nina using my camera. I think Dave caught the shutter bug as he purchased a Fuji X-T3 after using my Fuji X-T2.

This is one of the doors that the Bourbon barrels are rolled in and out of the rik house.
Merry Christmas, the grounds were decorated for Christmas
Our tour guide for the day
Rikhouse “H” where they store the Blanton’s! (They should have named it Rickhouse “B”)
Oh those lovely barrels!
A full pallet of one of our favorites Eagle Rare
Ooo Blanton’s!
The large stainless steel drum on the right is used to transport the un-barreled Bourbon over to this small batch bottling line.
Dawn’s Happy Place.
It is a large Rickhouse
You could spend all day finding “Fuji Moments” (a play on the Kodak Moments at Disney Land/World) on the grounds of the distillery.
I would love to be able to spend some quality time in the Rikhouses to set up and take photographs.
Dawn and Nina
A different perspective showing the water tower.
Originally constructed in 1950 to protect the many barrels of aging whiskey on site, the firehouse remained in use until the advent of modern sprinkler systems. The fire truck was purchased in 1964 and is used only once annually to chauffeur santa Claus at the distillery’s lighting of the trace. Today the building houses the firehouse cafe and contains historical artifacts such as coats and boots worn by the firefighters.

And this is why we can’t go back to the distillery because of “The Incident!

This space is withing of of the oldest buildings on the property, built in 1881 and then known as warehouse A, an early barrel storage warehouse. Inside is the historical collection of Bourbons and Whiskeys crafted by Buffalo Trace Distillery. This room was specifically designed to preserver and safeguard these bottles as well as their history, in a central location for future generations to enjoy as the distillery continues to distill, age and bottle its prized spirits. The vault will be opened and bottles will be added, fortifying its dedication to preserving its venerable craft while honoring tradition and embracing change.
…and they were so close to picking that lock before they got caught.
This is how the grains get into to cooker.
The mash being added
Nina tasting the mash
Dawn testing the mash
Dawn not sure if she likes it or not.
The bubbles meant that the yeast are doing their job converting sugar to alcohol, and CO2 so if you hang over it too long you will get light headed.
Yeast they use.
The coils ar pumped with water to cool or heat the mash.
This is their testing still. Much, much smaller than their production still.
White Dog” coming off the still. I think they were making Gin or Vodka that day.
Dave & Nina
Testing the alcohol content
My panoramic image of the distillery
This is where the spent mash ends up then it gets de-watered and made into animal food.
The maintenance shop
One of the many statues on the grounds
This is a very cool mural, it was painted by one of the works and as you walk by it, the perspective shifts, very strange but cool at the same time!
Our very favorite Bourbon; George T, Stagg.
I can find a rocking chair anywhere!!
The gift shop.
While those three are on their cell phones, I went exploring and photographing the grounds. I might have gotten in trouble with them for “not staying with the group!
Only the 3rd floor windows are barred, after that if someone tries to steal a barrel by pushing it out the window, it will break when it hits the ground, but only after three stores!
Bonded so no one can go in without the government permission.
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