This is a list of the Distilleries and Places we have Visited and our thoughts.

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Downtown Louisville:

Angels’s Envy
We might, or might not, have gotten “escorted” out of the bar after not taking the tour.

Evan Williams Bourbon Experience
We started with this place, kind of gets you introduced to the bourbon making process. Their actual distillery is Heaven Hill which you can tour.

Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Experience (Must See)
aka Stitzel Weller.
This distillery is not producing anymore but this is where the Pappy Van Winkle was made. Very authentic grounds. Drive or uber ride from downtown Louisville. They just built a new visitor Experience at a different location

Jim Beam (Must See)
(Bookers, Basil Hayden, Bakers, Knob Creek)
“Clermont, KY – Not a bad drive from downtown Louisville.
Great tasting area, self dispensing bourbon machines!! And you can dip your own bottle of Knob Creek”

Kentucky Peerless
If you like Rye whiskey, this is a cool place to visit. Their bottle designs are some of our favorites!

Cooper and Kings
Not a distillery, makes brandy and other spirits. We didn’t visit this site yet

Old Forester (Must See)
They have a working coperage and you can see the barrels being burnt.

Rabbit Hole
Cool building on outside. We don’t like any of their bourbons so don’t go if you are not a fan of it.

Bardstown, KY area

Bartons (1792)
This distillery had a rickhouse collapse in 2018. You can’t see it on the tour but this is the place. Their bourbon is pretty good and pretty avialable in local liquor stores


Heaven Hill Bourbon Heritage Center
(Larceny, Elijah Craig, Evan Williams?)
More modern day distiller. Make a LOT of products. We did the Hard Hat tour here.

Maker’s Mark (Must See)
(includes 46 and Makers)
A bit of a drive but it’s iconic. Their facility that ages their 1846 bourbon is gorgeous! You can hand dip a bottle

Four Roses (Must See)
Beautiful, Spanish architecture

Limestone Branch

Lux Row (Must See)
(Ezra, Blood Oath, Rebel Yell)

Bardstown Bourbon Company
Very modern, contemporary distillery. Their first aged bourbons are not their own but the bottle are very cool! This facility houses other distilleries aging barrels. It’s worth a stop to just see the inside of the gift shop/open space for guests

Lexington, KY area

Woodford Reserve (Must See)
Gorgeous distillery! It is a lovely drive through racehorse farms until you arrive at the distillery.

Blue Grass
We didn’t go here yet

Buffalo Trace (Must See)
(Hard Hat Tour) (Blantons, Eagle Rare, Weller, Van Winkle, Elmer T Lee, Stagg & Stagg Jr)
Hard Hat Tour highly recommended! Their gift shop sucked though! (Because they only sold BT branded items nothing with any other brand, like Blantons, or Eagle Rare) All tours are FREE and hopefully you’l be lucky enough to get a tour with Freddie Johnson, 3rd generation employee. His Granddad help pick the original barrels for Elmer T Lee bourbon (along with Col. Blanton). Note: They are not listed on the official Bourbon Trail because they won’t pay the large fee to be listed. We LOVE this distillery and their products!!
[Our Field Trip Post]

Castle and Key (Must See)
Our favorite distillery grounds. Grounds that were resurrected, original distillery of EH Taylor
[Our Field Trip Post]

Barrel House
We didn’t go here yet

Bourbon 30
We didn’t go here yet

Glen’s Creek
We didn’t go here yet

Wild Turkey (Must See)
(Wild Turkey 101, Russells Reserve, Longbranch)
Master Distiller Jimmy Russell is often onsite just hanging out on Sundays, likes to chat with the public. Dave and Michael sat for an hour before their tour just chatting away with Jimmy!

3 Boys Farm
We didn’t go here yet

James E Pepper
We didn’t go here yet

Lexington Brewing & Distilling
(Town Branch)


Iron Fish Distillery
Thompsonville, MI
Michigan’s first farm distillery

Jeptha Creed

Rollins Distillery
Gulf Breeze, FL
Micro craft distillery specializing in Rum and Vodkas owned and operated by a father and son team.

Second Sight Distillery
Ludlow, KY (by Cincinnati, OH)
This is a very small, craft distillery started and run by two friends.

Ben Holladay Distillery
Weston, MO
McCormick Distilling Company resurrected this Brand and distillery grounds.

For the listings of the Official Bourbon Trail and Bourbon Craft Tour see these postings.

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