Temperature and Sunlight
A cool, dark place is optimal. Keep away from direct sunlight and any place that is warmer than room temperature. Stay within four to five degrees of room temperature; high 60s or low 70s.

Collecting Old Whisk(e)y
If thinking of purchasing whisk(e)y that is in a glass bottle pay attention to see if evaporation has reduced the whisk(e)y below half the expected fill point (generally above the shoulder of the bottle), if it is, then avoid that purchase. Also, if the contents are cloudy, it’s probably bad due to oxidation.

Up or Down
Always store whisk(e)y bottles standing vertically, never horizontally. Unlike wine, the high alcohol content of whisk(e)y will destroy real cork, so store the bottle upright. Some newer bottles use artificial cork and are probably OK to store on their side, but just to be safe, store them tall and proud for everyone to see! If you know you’re going to open an old bottle in the near future, wet the cork every couple of days by (turning) the bottle on its side and then turning it right back up and put it back on the shelf.

Show Them Off
I always advise people to display their bottles where others can see and admire them; you want those bottles to start conversations. Whisk(e)y is best enjoyed over a good conversation with good friends.

Sturdy Shelves
Liquid is heavy, and so is glass so make sure that your shelving is sturdy enough to hold the combined weight of your whisk(e)y collection.

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