picture of bourbon bottles pulling a sleigh

Twas the Night Before Christmas …Bourbon Style

Dawn and I sat down one night and wrote a little Christmas poem and then we gathered a few models and made an image to go with it. We hope you like both!

You know Weller, and Bulleit, and 

Belle Meade, and Blatons,

Bookers, and Woodford, and

Roses and Makers

But do you recall

The most coveted bourbon of all…

Pappy Van Winkle bourbon

Is a hard bottle to find (…you aint’ kidding)

And if you ever found it

It could make you lose your mind (…and your wallet)

All of the other bourbons

Were jealous, so they called him names (…like an old man)

They never wanted poor Pappy

To share any of their fame  (…like the double oak)

Then one lucky Christmas eve

City Wide called to say:

“Pappy Van Winkle is in stock, alright,

Won’t you stop by our store tonight”

Then how the bourbons chuckled

As they shouted out with Elmer T Lee,

Pappy can’t join the team tonight ‘cuz

The Mitchells missed him in the lottery!

But hey, welcome to the team, Mr George T Stagg!

With fun and love this year at Christmas, Michael & Dawn

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