While on a visit to Kentucky, with our good Bourbon friends Dave & Nina, we did some sightseeing and along the way found ourselves getting a little hungry and maybe a little thirsty too, so we did a Google search for Whisk(e)y Bars and found one close to us that sounded like a good candidate to get both food and drink.

To reach our destination we had to first find it, which wasn’t as easy as you would think, even with Google telling us exactly where it was. There is no sign except for a small sticker on the front door of the Goodfellas Pizzeria. Once inside we then had to climb a back staircase to the upper floor where we found the Wiseguy Lounge. This bar/lounge embodies the energy and ambience of a 1920’s speakeasy but with a modern hint. Not exactly easy to find, but when you do, you will experience low lighting, dark natural wood, soft leather sofas, high end bourbons, craft cocktails, and knowledgeable, well-dressed bartenders that can create any cocktail to satisfy your cravings.

The gals each had carefully made cocktails and Dave and I each had our Bourbon Neat. Dave had a pour of Eagle Rare 17, and I had Old Forester Birthday Bourbon. Both were worth the search, my OFBB was “like candy!”

Some cell phone images below from our experience.

We found it after some searching
The lounge was in the second floor above the pizzeria.
The only sign for the lounge was that little red “B Line” sign on the door.
Dawn, Dave & Nina (whose feet are mostly on the ground) 😉
Sign by the secret staircase
Welcome to the lounge, look at all those Bourbons!
And more choices!
Michael liked how the ceiling looked, maybe a candidate for our speakeasy.
These were stylish and comfy!
Like the wainscoting and chair rail.
Thinking of putting in this ceiling in our speakeasy.
Nina picking out her favorites from the selection of bourbons.
Handcrafted ice for our drinks.
Dawn hand burnt “green stuff” in her drink, she said it was actually good.
Michel & Dave
Nina & Dawn in their “Happy Place”
Michael’s drink
Dave’s drink
Two happy gents.
Pizza time!
Apparently Dave didn’t want to be interrupted while eating. 😉
Dave & Nina such a cute couple

We had a lovely time at the Wiseguy Lounge and we would certainly go back. If you find yourself in Covington, just go find the Goodfellas Pizzeria and take the back stairs up to the second floor and enjoy your Whisk(e)y!

Find them at:
603 Main Street (2nd Floor)
Covington, KY 41011


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