Many special batch and single barrel Bourbons include the specific information about the spirit’s origins and release. For example, Henry McKenna Single Barrel includes the exact barrel number and “Barreled On” date, handwritten on the front of every label. Evan Williams Single Barrel includes the same on its back label, plus a “Bottled On” date. This allows for comparison for the subtle barrel-to-barrel differences enjoyed in single barrel products.

Every bottle of Larceny and Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Bourbon produced by Heaven Hill Distillery is cataloged using the same naming convention, with the custom batch number on each bottle:

  • the alpha character designates which batch of the year that bottle came from
  • the numeral that follows represents the month of the release
  • and finally the last two digits indicate the corresponding year of release

For example, the first release of Larceny Barrel Proof is A120, with “A” representing the first batch of that year, “1” representing January, and “20” representing the year 2020.

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