Dear Michael J.,
Once again, I’m happy to let you be the first to know about something new and special happening here on Star Hill Farm. This latest development falls into the category of “even more of a very good thing.”

As I mentioned in my last note, this year’s releases in our incredibly well-received Wood Finishing Series are inspired by the delightful inefficiencies in our distilling process: our 36-inch copper column stills (considered small by modern standards), our use of a small rectifier and our practice of never chill filtering our whisky. It’s all done – or not done – in the service of flavor and texture. Because of our still design and our nonchill-filtration, our bourbon retains more of the fatty acid esters (FAEs) that give Maker’s Mark® not only its subtle hints of tobacco and dried fruits but also its signature rich and creamy mouthfeel. 

Our spring release – which I hope you were able to experience before it all disappeared from shelves – focused on how the presence of FAEs affects flavor. For our fall 2021 edition, we’re highlighting the role texture and mouthfeel play in making Maker’s® Maker’s. 

To accentuate this aspect of our bourbon, we double heat-treated our finishing staves – first with infrared, followed by a flame finish – to amplify the lush, creamy texture that nonchill filtering lends Maker’s Mark. You’ll also experience richly balanced flavors rounded out by notes of oak and spice that all sit wonderfully on your tongue.

Looking to learn more about our latest Wood Finishing Series release? Join our very own Director of Innovation Jane Bowie live on Facebook on September 13 at 8 p.m. EDT for the official FAE-02 launch event. Attendees will hear about the inspiration behind FAE-02 and discover just how big an impact texture has on a bourbon’s flavor. To join us and Jane through your Facebook account, click on the link below at the event time.

Bottled at cask strength of around 110 proof, our Fall Limited Release should be arriving in select stores nationwide in mid-September. And if it has anything in common with the spring release, it won’t be around for long. So I encourage you to put this one on your must-have list.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Maker’s Mark, which makes it possible for all of us here at the distillery to create new and exciting expressions of your favorite bourbon.
Best Regards,Rob SamuelsRob Samuels
Grandson of the Founders
Managing Director, Maker’s Mark Distillery, Inc.
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