It is a very sad period in our time right now, Russia has invaded its neighbor Ukraine. While it is not the place for our blog to be politically oriented, we are posting a list of alcoholic products produced in Russia. We are making this post as a request from many of our readers asking us for this information.

Below is a listing of what we have been able to determine as products produced in Russia. When compiling this list, it was quickly apparent that a direct listing was not available so the list below is what we were able to put together while conducting our search.

As we find additional products and or discover further information about the existing products on the list we will update it. If you have information to add or correct, please do provide it to us. This will be a “living document.”

–Noble Celebration St. Petersburg vodka
–Gold Line vodka, Forty Degrees
–Green Mark
–Trans Atlantic Racing vodka

Jewel of Russia:
–Classic Imperial vodka
–Ultra Black Kutskova vodka
–Ice Vodka

Russian Standard:
–Original vodka
–Jewel of Russia Ultra
–Mamont Vodka
–Platinum Zyr Russian Vodka
–Gold Vodka
–Imperial Vodka
— 12-50ML W/2 SHOT
–Hammer + Sickle vodka

DeLuze Cognac VSOP
Gancia Fernet liqueur
Green Mark vodka
Quadro vodka
Zu Bison Grass vodka

Russian Standard is owned by Roustam Tariko, a Russian oligarch, while Ustianochka is produced and bottled in Russia for Amruss Inc. Russian Standard, along with lesser-known vodka Green Mark, are one of the few alcohol brands imported from Russia and sold in the United States. It’s parent company, Roust International, is owned by Roustam Tariko, a Russian oligarch who also owns Russian Standard Bank.

Russian Whiskey:

Praskoveyskoe whiskey maybe Whiskey 73.


Products NOT from Russia:

Ukrainian vodka: Kozak and Vektor

Stolichnaya and Smirnoff, aren’t actually produced in Russia.

Smirnoff is owned by British spirits firm Diageo for decades. And it’s actually manufactured in Illinois.

Stolichnaya (aka Stoli) Vodka is only Russian by name due to its Moscow origins. It’s actually made in Latvia and the company has spoken out against the recent attacks. The Stoli Group said it “unequivocally condemns the military action in Ukraine and stands ready to support the Ukrainian people, our teams and partners”
–Stolichnaya, is in fact produced in Latvia. On its website, the company has said it “stands for peace in Europe and in solidarity with the Ukrainian people”.

The company is owned by a Russian-born billionaire, Yuri Shefler, who now lives in Geneva, Switzerland. Russia banned the sale of Stolichnaya within its borders, because of an ownership dispute that went to the Russian supreme court.

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