Maker’s Mark Master Distiller, Denny Potter, and Master of Maturation, Jane Bowie, have announced they are departing their longtime employer this Friday, Sept 2nd.

In a statement from Rob Samuels today:

For nearly seven decades, Maker’s Mark has stayed true to the vision of our founders Bill and Margie Samuels…to be innovators of the craft and to make a Bourbon whisky that people want to enjoy drinking and sharing with friends. 

We’ve been incredibly fortunate over the years to have key individuals join our Maker’s Mark family who have been tremendous custodians of this legacy – people like Denny Potter, General Manager & Master Distiller, and Jane Bowie, Head of Innovation & Blending.

Just like our founders, Denny and Jane also have an entrepreneurial itch and have expressed a desire to blaze their own trails in the Bourbon industry with a new venture. While Denny and Jane will depart with our utmost thanks on Sept. 2, they will always be members of the Maker’s Mark family.

I simply can’t thank Denny and Jane enough for the tremendous impact they have had on Maker’s Mark around the world. I will be announcing their successors in due course and in the meantime, we will continue to create the highest quality bourbon and pursue an exciting future for this great brand.
Best Regards,Rob SamuelsRob Samuels
Grandson of the Founders
Managing Director, Maker’s Mark Distillery, Inc.
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