Episode 9 of Tasting with Friends is also our first in a series called “Reviewing with Friends.” We are joined on this episode by our bourbon friends (and neighbors) Brian and Denise of The Bourbon Crue. We review the first wheated bourbon released by one of our favorite distilleries; Castle & Key and compare it to their Rye and regular Bourbon. And we have the purchase of this bottle thanks to our friends at City Wide Liquors

00:00 Intro
02:35 Wheat and Regular Bourbon
02:56 Castle & Key Images
04:13 Marianne Eaves
07:20 Nosing & Tasting
14:40 Tasting the Rye
15:17 City Wide Liquor Store
16:30 Russel’s Reserve 13 Year
18:55 J.C. Lauber Building
26:04 Larceny
27:28 Casey the Dog
28:20 Bloopers

73% White Corn, 10% Wheat, 17% Malted Barley
Aroma: cocoa powder, toffee, buttercream, cereal grain, black pepper, and baked pear.
Taste: Caramelized sugar, pie crust, roasted cashews, dried apricots, grains of paradise, and fennel.
Finish: Dark honey with hints of black pepper, medium bodied and sweetness.

Batch Size: 49 Barrels
Age: 4 years
Proof: 98 ABV/Vol – 49%

City Wide Liquors: https://graperd.citywideliquors.com

Visit Denise and Brian’s Channels at 2-Moto Crue @2-motocrue851 and The Bourbon Crue thebourboncrue3916
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