On our way up to the Kalamazoo Bourbon Festival, in Kalamazoo, Michigan, we stopped off along the way to do some Bourbon Hunting, here is our recent Store Haul. We managed to score some amazing bourbon and goodies!

00:00 Intro to Dawn & Michael
02:38 Whistle Pig Piggy Back
04:21 Calumet Farm 10 Year
05:34 Calumet Farm Rye
08:03 Whistle Pig Home Stock
10:45 Iron Fish Maple Syrup Finish Store Pic
13:06 Hirsh The Horizon
15:07 Iron Fish Black Manhattan
17:22 Mayor Pingree Store Pic

Kalamazoo Bourbon Festival

Texas Mart Liquor Store – From bourbons for beginners to bourbons for whiskey lovers, the store had something for everyone! We especially loved a lot of their store picks!

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