This was a special one in several ways, first it is rare, but most importantly to us, it was a give to us from Isaiah and his dog Finn. Thank you so very, very much!

Produced exclusively for the Japanese export market at 80 proof, Blanton’s Black is one of the rarest single barrel bourbon whiskeys in the world. An upgraded and elevated rendition of the ‘Special Reserve’, the main point of difference in the Blanton’s Black Label Single Barrel Bourbon 750ml is an additional 2 years in the barrel for a total of 8-years aged. This extra barrel aging produces a more complex, robust, and refined tasting experience, and makes the black label bourbon a truly sophisticated example of Blanton’s single barrel caliber. Like the Takara Red edition, the Japanese exclusive Blanton’s Black Edition is a statement piece for any serious collector and a must-try for any keen Blanton’s enthusiast.

Blanton’s Black Label has a rich palate with notes of apricot, butter, pepper, honey, and oak. It has a long finish with toffee apples, pecan, and caramel.

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