Michael finally got his Christmas present. It was a little late due to a snow storm and a couple of work related things, but I was finally able to take him down to Louisville, KY to Pursuit Spirits and surprised him with their The Whole Shebang! Tasting + Barrel Pick + Fill Your Own Bottle experience.

On the way down to Kentucky we stopped first in Carmel, IN to pick up Michael’s nephew Mitchell, because I was taking him along too! Neither one of them new what the surprise was, except that it was in Lousivile.

We stayed at a hotel not far from downtown Louisville and also Pursuit Spirits, in a section called Nulu. We were hungry when we got there so we took a little walk in Nulu and found a nice, little place called the Garage Bar that had good food and a good bar where you can also purchase their barrel picked bourbon.

The next morning we got up and walked around the strip as our adventure wouldn’t start until the afternoon. We took Mitchel to Michters to show him that gift shop and bar. We all ordered something light to drink, as we didn’t want to overdo it in the morning!

From there we took Mitchell to Peerless and showed him the gift shop and, of course, their cat!

After finding and petting the cat, and purchasing some bourbon and magnents fromt he giftshop we then went to Justin’s House of Bourbon.

From there we went and had lunch, then I drove the boys to the secret event. As we pulled in, Michael looked puzzled by where we were. I asked him if he knew where he was, and he answered: “Aren’t I supposed to be here on Monday to help them with their bottling??” [That will be another post and video on its own] And I told him yes, but today we are doing something different. Mitchell, in the back seat, still had no clue as to what was going on.

We walked inside the building and that is when Michael figured out that we were there for a tasting experience of some kind as the tables were set with samples already poured. I finally clued him in on what all was going on.

I told him and Mitchell that we were doing their The Whole Shebang! Tasting + Barrel Pick + Fill Your Own Bottle experience. Below is what their website describes it as:

What do you call a 90-minute experience that has absolutely everything? The Whole Shebang! Step into the world of Pursuit Spirits for an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience that will be the highlight of your trip. You won’t get an opportunity like this anywhere else, guaranteed. Taste through multiple expressions, take part in a single barrel selection process, and then fill your own Pursuit United Private Select bottle. Plus, you get a fancy $15 tasting glass included! (video)

We’ll dive right in with the history of Pursuit Spirits and how our whiskey is shaking up the industry. We’ll save you from the same regurgitated tour talk and focus on how barrel maturation and blending are the real stars of the show. You will try our award-winning small batch whiskeys and learn about the multiple mash bills, blending processes, and flavor profiles that make each expression unique.

Something typically only reserved for the whiskey elite, Pursuit Spirits is bringing this bucket-list item to you. You get the exclusive opportunity to take part in your own personal barrel selection. You will taste multiple Pursuit United Private Select bourbon and rye whiskeys and choose your favorite. There’s no levers to pull here! Grab a whiskey thief and fill your bottle the old fashioned way by hand. Then head over to the bottling line to cork, label, and seal it as a one-of-a-kind souvenir. The bottle is included in your ticket price.

Don’t miss this rare chance of having a personal barrel selection plus filling your own Pursuit United Private Select. A one-of-kind experience that is certainly going to be the highlight of your trip and an everlasting memory.

We ended up tasting eight whiskeys and Mitchell and I selected the same Rye and Michael selected a bourbon. They were all good! After selecting the ones we liked best, we went over to the barrels and filled the bottles directly from the barrel using a copper “thief” then we got to use their equipment to cork the bottles and apply the labels, although somehow I ended up with the bourbon label instead of the rye label on my bottle.

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