image of Distillery Castle and Key
This is our very favorite distillery grounds

So one of the oldest distilleries in America is also our very favorite distillery, not for the bourbon it makes, as it is still aging, but because of how enchanting the grounds are.

Dave & Nina Holdread out for a stroll on the Castle grounds.

The Boiler Room (Gift Shop)

Once powering the distillery, now resurrected to welcome the guests to the castle. The Boiler Room acted as the historic power plant of the distillery. 

Oh no, this is going to cost me isn’t it?! Thanks for helping Nina!
The twin boilers with the fireboxes underneath.
A barral top, burned with the likeness of the castle.
Me and the Mrs. Thanks Dave for taking such a good shot of us both!

The Springhouse

The water source of the spirits, in 1887 and today. This natural spring was built in the shape of a keyhole by Colonel E. H. Taylor, because he believed the mineral-rich, iron-free water was the key to good bourbon and to his success. They use this spring water in all of their spirits today. The Springhouse also happens to be a great place to stand in the shade and enjoy a cocktail.

This was our tour guide at bartender for the day, she did both very well!

Inside the Distillery

The column still
The Pot still
Almost all of the stills we saw along the Bourbon Trail are made by Vendome, and they all are lovely to look at.
Nina smelling the “White Dog”
Dawn smelling the “White Dog”
Nina, Dawn and Dave
another column still
The waterway
The reception lawn, it was once completely overgrown and covered over. They had to dig it up and on the grand opening day, it rained so hard that it flooded, along with many of the buildings.
One of the rickhouses
They use the rails to help guide the barrels as they roll them in and out of the buildings.

Reception Hall

They have a reception hall on the property, and use it to entertain as well as to host parties as well as functions and even weddings.

Many of the old buildings are not much more that ruins, but they are still enchanting to look at.

Rick the rickhouse cat (what else would you name him?!)
And if you look close, you can see the fire extinguisher is still in place on the wall.
This tractor was supposed to be used to help move barrels around, but they said it was only ever used once on the grounds.
Headed back to the rickhouse
This is the longest rickhouse in the country! 534 feet long.
Inside the rickhouse where they age all the bourbon
Um, hey wait just a minute!!

Now entering the Speakeasy

Since their bourbon is still aging, they made all the drink with their own distilled Gin and Vodka.
These chocolates are really good.
Junipers, that is what makes Gin, well Gin.
Dawn and I in front of “our” castle.
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