The Bourbon Show Podcast #79. December 1, 2019

  • Owned by Bob Dylan
  • Ryan Perry
    • 6 years at Diageo
    • Is the master blender
    • Grew up in Michigan
    • Went to Michigan State
    • Moved to Chicago after graduation and joined the Spirits industry
    • After he left Deago he started to collect aged whiskey stocks  (barrels) from other distillers
    • He wanted to get back into the brand business
    • He had a friend that was Bob Dylan’s attorney
    • Bob had registered a brand called “Bootleg” years before
    • They went to Bob and pitched him on making a brand.
    • On Blending:
      • Started at Diageo
      • Worked with all of their brand names distillers so he got educated on that via that.
  • Straight Rye:
    • Finished in cigars barrel french oak cask, air dried not kiln
    • Sourced from MGP
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