Pinhook Bourbon

CJS Beverage Corp, 215 Park Ave South, 8th Floor , New York NY 10003, United States

Alice Peterson

Alice is the CEO of Pinhook, and leads the team’s strategy and operations.

Her twenty-plus years of business experience spans multiple industries and includes roles with organizations such as Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and American Express.   She also spent seven years with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), driving strategy and business transformation for clients.

Alice received an MBA from Harvard Business School, and holds a BA from Williams College.  

Sean Josephs

Sean Josephs is a founder of Pinhook and the Master Taster, a role in which he directs Castle & Key in the distilling, blending and proofing of each Pinhook vintage. Sean also leads all sales for the company.

Sean’s background is as an award-winning restaurateur, certified sommelier and nationally-acclaimed whiskey and cocktail expert. After cutting his teeth at Chanterelle and Per Se in New York City, Sean opened three American Whiskey bars and restaurants: Char No. 4 and Maysville in New York and Kenton’s in New Orleans. The food and bar programs have been recognized by publications ranging from Esquire to the Wall Street Journal. Sean has appeared on the New York Times’ wine and spirits tasting panel on several occasions, has authored articles on bourbon, and is frequently quoted as a whiskey and cocktail authority. Sean is a graduate of the Colorado College.

Colonel Steve’s Quick Bourbon Notes (QBN)

Three Quick Bourbon Stories Delivered to You Each Friday 

Issue 37, 10-25-19

I spoke to Alice Peterson, CEO of Pinhook Bourbon this week. That is a brand that is doing some really great things and I love the fact that while they are a sourced brand, they are completely transparent about it. They have sourced their whiskey from MGP in the past and present, and in the future, they have developed a relationship with Castle and Key in which they have worked with the team at Castle and Key to develop their own mash bills (look for the first product made by C&K out in 2020). What’s even cooler is they are about to announce a brand new tour at Castle and Key that will focus on their work with Pinhook. It will have an overview of production, but look for a much greater focus on the blending process. Alice assures me it is a really fun take on what they do. To me, this sounds like a really interesting tour and makes for an excuse to head back to Castle and Key which is one of the the coolest, and beautiful, distilleries to visit.

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