Steve Akley

Interview on The Bourbon Whiskey Daily Show #658

  • AKA Bourbon Saskwash
  • February 12th is his birthday
  • His parents only drank bourbon so that was what he was brought up around especially David Nicholson brand
  • 1999 or 2000 he went on the newly made Bourbon Trail
  • When he would travel East, he would make it a point to stop at points along the Bourbon Trail or others in Kentucky
  • He started out as a writer, self published
    • Bourbon Mixology was a book that he made and it went to #2 on Amazon in 2014
  • He created Bourbon Zeppelin which was a newsletter he wrote with some other friends
  • He learned about podcasting
    • Started The Bourbon Show on September 1, 2016 it launched
    • December they started The Bourbon Daily
  • He tries a lot to get his name out as much as he can
  • Before that he was had a corporate life
  • Wanted to wait for his daughter to get out of college so he could do it full time
  • His company left him go about two years before he planned on leaving, he did get a severance
    • He said he had a bad attitude at work especially the last 5 of his 20 years
  • He went full time doing that with the intent of just beianbe to help pay his share of the bills
  • His podcast partner just wanted to do a monthly show but he and 3 others wanted to do a lot more so they broke away then after 6 months Steve was the only one left doing it
    • He added Rene Howe
  • He approaches the Distillers from a PR business approach, he knows they want to promote their brands so he goes about it that way.
    • He earns their trust and gets to interview higher ups eventually
    • Wild Turkey actually used their own money to advertise the interview with Jimmy Russel
  • He wants to do it for another 4-5 years, building his brand
    • 51 years old now
    • Then just manage from a distance and let others run with it
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