Dawn and I have different tastes when it comes to wine, she likes Dry and I like Sweet, so our wine cellar has two doors on opposite ends. However, when it comes to Bourbon, we tend to share the same tastes so our bourbon speakeasy only has one door. Below is a listing of our favorite Bourbons ranked in order of our preference.

George T. StaggGeorge T. Stagg
Elmer T. LeeStagg Jr
Old Forester 1920McKenna 10 Year
Bulleit 10 YearE.H. Taylor
New RiffBulleit 10 Year
BlantonsMakers 46
Old Forester 1920
Eagle Rare
New Riff

Our good Bourbon friend’s favorites are listed below.

George T. Stagg George T. Stagg
Woodford Double Oaked Woodford Limited BP
Woodford Batch Strength McKenna 10 Year
Old Forester 1910 1792 Full Proof
McKenna 10 Year Eagle Rare
Old Forester 1870
New Riff SB
Journeyman Feather Bone

You might have noticed that George T. Stagg is at the top of each one of our lists, it really is that good it is also very difficult to find. George T. Stagg is part of the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection aka “BTAC” which they release once a year around Christmas time and most end up in “lotteries” at liquor stores.

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