Here is our Photo Tour of the Kentucky Peerless Distillery. Our friends Nina & Dave went with Michael and I to tour the recently opened distillery. On this day they were about a week into releasing their Bourbon product, as previously they had only been selling their Rye product.

The rickhouse cat
The new release of their Bourbon. They had very short supplies so they limited their release to these small bottles to help stretch the supplies!
Nina & Dave listening intently to our tour guide
Me listening to our tour guide
The sour mash bubbling away, those little yeast bugs hard at work!
Column Still
The High and Low Wine
Emptying a barrel
The grain bins storing the grain about to be milled
The grain mill
The “Mash Bill”
Old bags found in the building when they moved in
Getting around the distillery in style
Their new bottle design
The bottling line
They trade marked their bottle
Bottle Blue Print
We all really like their bottle, that cork stopper is solid and very heavy!
Kelvin Cooperage make all of their barrels
Charing the inside of the barrels
Nina & Dave (with their water bottles for some reason)
Their fist batches of Bourbon, they made their Rye first.
This is how they stop a leek
Theri very first barrel filled, it was Rye
Michael with Nina & Dave in the tasting room
Tasting their Rye and Bourbons
Our tour guide was also our head of tastings
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