Bourbon Pursuit Podcast/Youtube interview 2-6-2020
Steve Nalley

startedout as a biz plan in 10-15 year plan

custom production 2016 started sold out capacity of 1.5 million proof gallons

Then next june they doubled to 3 million
the next year jused went to 6.8 million proof gallons
90 % they were producing for other clients not just their own use

2020 they will have 41 mash bills
24 customers now

They have to be trianed on thier clients product, and be able to pass tastes tests on them and do reports on every shipment, they don’t just distill and ship

A client comes to them with a product already, they find the mash bill then they tweek it to thier specific needs

They purchase their yeast

7-8 cooperages for barrels

They vet their clients, they have to allready been establised

Rick house allocation: they don’t rotate, they generally go first come first fill.

They are open to inovation and new things, they like wokingiwth other developmental teams

smallenst batch/run is 30 barrels, which is:
-425 busshels (23,800 pounds of grain)

32 fermentors on site 12,500 gallons each

they will blend distillants before putting the combination into a barrel

He does not think there will be a downturn in our lifetime, maybe a leveling off but not downward.

they don’t have any plans to make a vodka or gin

a “Hold” is time alloted to activate the enzymes (let them do their job) , get the long chain starch molecules down to a fermentable sugar; glucose, maltose, malttreos. It also pasturizes it to sanitize it.

They are breaking ground on a bottling facility on their ground.

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