Here are some Bourbons that won’t break the bank at under $40, but will still impress your pallet. This is a listing from Fred Minnick, who is a well known Bourbon judge, from June 2020. It contains many of the same Bourbons that we like and would have put on the same list.

Fred’s #1 Greatest Value In Bourbon goes to:
Evan Williams Bottled In Bond. (Voted his best every day whisk(e)y in 2019)

The Rest of the list goes like this:


Buffalo Trace

Cyrus Nobel

Early Times Bottled In Bond

Even Williams Single Barrel

Four Roses Small Batch

Heaven Hill

JTS Brown

Knob Creek


Makers Mark

Old Forester

Stone Hammer (Kroger’s private brand)

Wild Turkey 101

Woodford Reserve

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