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Old Homestead Distilling Co.
2730 Station Drive
Birdseye IN 47513

APRIL 18, 2024

Old Homestead Unveils New Distillery & Hotel, Celebrates Award-Winning Owners, and
Introduces Head Distiller Alan Bishop

Old Homestead Distilling Co. is the latest venture from award-winning owners Stephen Bartels,
Stephen Shirk, and Heather Setser, known for their commitment to excellence in tourism and
hospitality. Located near Patoka Lake, Old Homestead Distilling Co. will offer a wide range of craft
spirits and cocktails, expertly crafted by Head Alchemist Alan Bishop. With its attached hotel featuring
28 contemporary rustic rooms, Old Homestead provides guests with a truly immersive experience in
the heart of Southern Indiana’s natural beauty. For more information, please visit
www.oldhomesteaddc.com or email: oldhomesteaddc@gmail.com

Old Homestead Distilling Co., the latest venture from award-winning owners Stephen Bartels,
Stephen Shirk, and Heather Setser, is proud to announce their forthcoming distillery and hotel,
marking a significant milestone in the trio’s legacy of hospitality and innovation. Situated in the
picturesque surroundings near Patoka Lake, Old Homestead Distilling Co. aims to redefine the craft
spirits landscape while offering guests an unforgettable retreat experience.

The owners’ dedication to excellence in tourism and hospitality has recently been recognized with the
prestigious Will Koch Indiana Tourism Leadership Award, bestowed upon their existing ventures,
Patoka Lake Marina & Lodging, and Patoka Lake Winery. This esteemed accolade reflects their
unwavering commitment to providing exceptional guest experiences and showcasing the natural
beauty and attractions of Southern Indiana.

Adding to the excitement is the appointment of Head Alchemist Alan Bishop, a seasoned veteran with
over a decade of professional distilling experience. Bishop’s journey in distillation began as a
passionate home distiller before transitioning to a professional career. Renowned for his knowledge
of seed breeding and steeped in Southern Indiana distilling history, Bishop brings a mastery of pot
still distillation and creativity to Old Homestead Distilling Co.

“We are thrilled to welcome Alan Bishop to the Old Homestead family,” said Stephen Bartels, coowner of Old Homestead Distillery & Hotel. “His expertise and dedication to the industry align
perfectly with our vision of crafting exceptional spirits that supports Southern Indiana’s rich distilling

Alan’s father, Dale Bishop, joins Old Homestead as Assistant Distiller, bringing with him a unique
skillset cultivated from years of farming and distilling both inside and outside of the industry.
Jolee Kasprzak, currently the manager of Patoka Lake Winery, will serve as the distillery manager at
Old Homestead, overseeing day-to-day operations and ensuring the highest standards of quality and

“We are excited to have Jolee’s knowledge of hospitality and passion for customer service leading
Old Homestead,” from Heather Setser, co-owner of Old Homestead Distillery & Hotel. “Her leadership
will be instrumental in creating lasting memories for our guests as we continue to expand our

In addition to its world-class spirits, Old Homestead’s new hotel provides guests and their families
with 28 upscale country-style rooms, offering the perfect blend of comfort and tranquility amidst the
stunning natural landscapes of Patoka Lake. These rooms add to the already existing inventory of
unique lodging offered giving guests a wide range of choices no matter the season.
“With our scenic surroundings, Old Homestead is poised to become a premier destination for
travelers seeking an authentic Southern Indiana getaway.” says Stephen Shirk, co-owner of Old
Homestead Distillery & Hotel. “We are proud to furnish our guests with a home away from
home retreat to complement their distillery experience,”

For more information about Old Homestead Distillery and Hotel, including reservations, you can visit
www.oldhomesteaddc.com or email oldhomesteaddc@gmail.com .

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Jolee Kasprzak, Distillery Manager
Old Homestead Distillery
(812) 685-2203

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