Podcast: 10-16-2019 The Bourbon Whiskey Daily Show #719 

Pappy (Julian 1st):

  • Goes back to 1893, Pappy started as a salesman for W.L. Wheller
  • 1908 Papy and his partner Alex Farnsley bought the company from W.L. Wheller
  • During prohibition they were able to continue selling Bourbon because they merged with A. P. H. Stitzel Distillery for selling medicinal whisky and that would then turn into the Stitzel-Wheller Distillery
  • Pappy was never a distiller himself, he as a good salesman and marketer and he wrote a lot of columns for different magazines for them to publish (mostly promoting his company)
  • He died in 1965 and was active in his company almost right up until he died

Julian 2nd:

  • Graduated from Princeton University
  • Joined his father at Stitzel-Wheller 
  • He volunteered for the Army after the bombing of Pearl Harbor
  • He was a tank Commander and named his tank Old Fitz (after his family’s brand of bourbon)
  • He got shot and refused to go home, he got a Purple Heart
  • 1972 was sold and he started the Old Rip Van Winkle brand by buying bourbon from Stitzel-Wheller and then bottling and selling it in porcelain decanters 

Julian 3rd:

  • 1977 he joined his father 
  • 1981 his father died and he took over the business himself
  • 1991 Stitzel-Wheller closed he used his on-hand stocks to continue selling his bourbon he bought a lot from them as they were going out of business
  • 1994 Julian 3rd introduced Pappy Van Winkle with the iconic label of his grandfather holding a cigar
  • 2002 Julian 3rd partnered with Buffalo Trace to make his bourbon

Julian 3rd’s Children:

Preston (Son) :

  • 2001 he joined his father

Daughters: Louis, Carrie, Shival they own Pappy & Co the website https://pappyco.com which is all the clothing and branded gear. They were triplets.

Speaking of Pappy & Co products: one of our nephews gave us their Syrup finished in Bourbon Barrels for Christmas, and Dawn and I can verify that it is amazingly good!

Get a bottle or two at their on-line store now!
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