Source Facebook video on his page 4-9-2020

Notes from his video:

  • Started 2 years ago
  • The Terry’s Agent (Ira Stallberger?) brought the idea to him since he knew Terry liked bourbon
  • Terry told the [bourbon makers] he liked smooth bourbon and gave them the name of the brand
  • They all met back up in LA and the bourbon makers brought 2 samples with them
  • Terry liked them both
  • Then they started Bradshaw Bourbon with those samples
  • On the front of the bottle are 9, 10, 13, 14 in roman numerals on the labels which are the Superbowl that he has won
  • The bourbon is 51.9 ABV which is his passing completion percentage in the NFL– 51.9% which makes it 103 proof
  • Terry likes his bourbon neat, on the rocks or with some Diet Coke, his wife likes it neat
  • Terry never put his name on anything but his ranch and this bourbon
  • His dad did not drink, but he toasted to him
  • He is not just a spokesperson for the bourbon he is the head of the company
  • 2-3 year old bourbon as it is just starting out
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